WeDO’s CEO participation in the 2nd Taulí Health Artificial Intelligence Symposium (THAIS)

2 Aug 2023 | news

Sabadell, Barcelona – On June 19th, our CEO Ángel Honrado participated for a second year in the Taulí Health Artificial Intelligence Symposium, joining the discussion on AI research: challenges to consider with the session “AI in the context of the Horizon Europe programme. What we need to know“.

The session updated and discussed the current approach of the Horizon Europe framework which recognises the potential of AI in transforming our societies and enabling a sustainable and inclusive future, for which multidisciplinary collaboration among stakeholders (including patients and citizens) is needed, as well as due consideration of the legal, ethical and philosophical aspects. The session also highlighted how AI is embedded in most of the R&I clusters and programmes, such as Digital, Industry, and Space, enabling researchers, organizations, and businesses to develop and test AI-based solutions to enable scientific advancements, economic growth, and, ultimately, societal well-being.

During its two days of duration, the 2023 edition of the THAIS programme went over the different opportunities AI can bring to Health systems, including also discussions around its impact on the general population, the access and management of diverse data sources, the different clinical applications, the necessary ethical and legal framework (with the new European regulation entering into force before the end of the year), the knowledge and business generation, as well as the views on the future of AI.

The Taulí Health Artificial Intelligence Symposium brings regional and local stakeholders in the field of health to assess the advances in Artificial Intelligence in Health, intending to orient health professionals on their training and infrastructure needs. It is organized by the Mixed Unit of the Clinical, Interventional and Computational Nephrology group of the Instituto Investigación e Innovación del Parque Taulí (I3PT) and the School of Engineering of Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

You can find more information about the Taulí Health Artificial Intelligence Symposium on the Parc Taulí Hospital Universitari webpage.