Let our team help you communicate and disseminate your work


We can help you reach your audience

Some examples. . .

We offer an all-round approach

We help you get your message across to all of your stakeholders, connect with the right people and bring them on-board.

We focus on
your goals

Our communication team will create personalised artwork and content to suit your research and get your message out into the world.

We will work together throughout the entire process, from strategizing to generating results. We will identify the best funding options and help you submit applications. We can lighten the load on the decisions to be made along the way.

We will be by your side throughout

Together we plot your communication and outreach strategy and the associated communication plan.

We will create an eye-catching design for your proposal, optimising how your innovation is presented to its audience.

We create visual aids to communicate your project and devise suitable actions to get the word out.

And Exploitation

What is the difference?

Inform, promote and communicate your activities and results

Reach multiple audiences including stakeholders and citizens

How?  Create a well-designed strategy and convey clear messages via the right channels

When? Throughout the entire project

Why?  To engage with stakeholders and generate market demand

Open science:  knowledge and results for others to use

Reach scientists, authorities, industry, policymakers

How?  Publish your results in scientific journals and databases

When?  As soon as you have results

Why? To maximise impact and enable other researchers make progress

Commercial, societal, political purposes.

Reach researchers, industry, authorities, policymakers

How?  Create roadmaps, prototypes and share knowledge and data

When?  As soon as you have exploitable results

Why?  To help innovation and solve problems

We find the right tools for your project

We have a range of tools and actions in our toolbox. We select and apply the communication channels that best match your voice and are the most effective at reaching your people.

Effective communication opens a two-way channel

Talk to your people and get their feedback. We help you reach your specific users, stakeholders, citizens so you know your value is reaching its target. This allows you to receive precious feedback to help you advance your project even further.

Just remember

Every project is unique. We will cater to your specific needs by studying your project’s unique features, needs and ambitions.