NEWS: The European Commission has updated the H2020 Work Programme to allocate increased funding, including urgent R&I projects on #COVID19. More here:

@light4lungs #FET #H2020 #EU

Since Jan 23, we have funded the development of eight #COVID19 vaccine candidates 💉

Additional financial contributions are urgently needed to ensure our programmes can continue to progress 👉

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WeDo is a Barcelona-based company open to the world, with a small, highly-efficient and proactive team. You can find us and our bios in LinkedIn but you can also learn a bit more about us here, and we can meet up to show you more.

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Communication and Outreach

Wish to see some of our previous work? Here some examples. But the best would be that you share your idea with us and we comment on how to develop it. Reach out and we will be happy to further talk about it with you!