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About Us

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WeDo contributes to a better society by applying our experience in project intelligence and tailored communication, to develop successful projects in a joyful, participatory, learning environment.



Our experienced, skilled, quality-driven, passionate and flexible team works with organisations worldwide to build fruitful collaborative projects together. We act by implementing our project management approach, tools and processes to all stages of the project lifecycle, combined with project communication and outreach strategies built on a participatory basis. Beyond facilitating knowledge exchange, we contribute to innovative project thinking with focus on long-term social impact.

Our philosophy

Text adapted from “Diferencia entre simple y sencillo” the article of Del tirador a la ciudad published in El País by ANATXU ZABALBEASCOA (January 28th, 2020)

Everything we do
is guided by our
Five core principles

We work hard

We give one hundred percent to our work and our partners

We enjoy the ride

Our mindset is about taking pleasure in the process

We think a lot

We are always thinking of how to contribute and improve

We love what we do

Being passionate about our work is our greatest motivation

We believe in team effort

Collaboration is everything to us