WeDo was part of the TRIGGER Project’s Second General Assembly in Crete

29 Jun 2023 | news

WeDo’s senior leadership team attended the TRIGGER‘s Second General Assembly, held in Crete from June 21 to June 23. This assembly brought together the 21 project partners from across Europe.

As leaders of the Communication, Dissemination, and Outreach work package, we shared the progress achieved with the contribution of all, the activities implemented, and the planned next steps. We could show live the seven new web pages added to the initial project web, including the ones for the five 5 CHL Labs [Bologna, Oulu, Geneva, Heraklion, Augsburg], the project’s Glossary and the Artwork Gallery. These efforts aim to enhance knowledge sharing and promote Open Science practices, aligning with the European Commission’s strategic framework. We also contributed to different work sessions with the CHC Labs and about the climate-health cluster.

To further strengthen stakeholder engagement and align our actions with the project’s research advancements, we organized a Target Audiences Workshop. This participative playful activity allowed us to gather valuable insights from all partners, contributing to team building and collaboration. The outcomes will help us refine our communication and dissemination strategy for the project, guide our next action plans, and help us focus on activities that contribute to engaging regional and local-level stakeholders.

We are very happy about the collaborative work done and thankful for the positive feedback received. We look very much forward to what is to come, not only in the communication and dissemination fronts but also in other areas of education, training, and stakeholder engagement.