The DigiTeRRI Project has Released New Outcomes

The DigiTeRRI project, framed in the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme, engined three roadmaps for the responsible transition towards digitalised and self-sustainable industrial R&I ecosystems in the three European regions of Värmland (Sweeden), Styria (Austria), and Grand Est (France), addressing this challenge in collaborative processes with local stakeholders in their quadruple helix of innovation ecosystems.

Besides the development of these three roadmaps, the project also developed a series of additional outputs addressing different stakeholders of the innovation ecosystems from each territory and aim to facilitate the implementation of the DigiTeRRI roadmapping process in other regions.


DigiTeRRI Project Outcomes:


  1. Guidelines for DigiTeRRI Roadmapping

The Guidelines for DigiTeRRI Roadmapping summarises the DigiTeRRI roadmapping process and aims to establish a course of action in accordance with a set of best practices. The document includes the five parts of the process, including (Phase 1) stocktaking and mapping, (Phase 2) visioning, (Phase 3) working out the roadmap with goals, objectives, gaps, (Phase 4) development of the action plan, and (Phase 5) implementation and improvement.

Find on this link the Guidelines for DigiTeRRI Roadmapping at the DigiTeRRI website or visit the Horizon Results Platform.

  1. DigiTeRRI Booklet of Roadmap Comparison

Which includes the resulting three territories’ roadmaps for the pilot regions of Värmland (Sweeden), Styria (Austria), and Grand Est (France) and the roadmap comparison analysis developed by the DigiTeRRI team from the Nordland Research Institute (NRI) to understand how regional characteristics influenced the roadmap results.

Find on this link the DigiTeRRI Roadmaps Booklet

  1. The Actions page

The project plan then foresaw a first implementation of the actions resulting from the roadmap process. On the DigiTeRRI Actions webpage, you can browse through the implemented actions (twelve for each territory) and learn more from Report D5.12 about the first implementation of the roadmap actions regarding territorial change and the RRI approach.

  1. DigiTeRRI Actions Posters

During the DigiTeRRI Final Conference (August 20th & 21st, 2022), a poster session illustrated a selection of the actions implemented by the three regions and provide insights into various areas of awareness raising. The illustrated actions offer practical information for regional transformation in other regions and insights into experiences gained during action development and implementation.

Visit the Posters Session webpage


The project will soon release additional outcomes, keep in touch with the social media channels to be updated.

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