SeeRRI Transnational Learning Workshop

4 Mar 2021 | news

WeDo took part in the latest transnational learning workshop organised by the SeeRRI project via its partners GENCAT, UAB and NRI. The topic of this event held on 1 March was “The role of quadruple helix actors in building a responsible R&I ecosystem”.

A range of representatives from academia, business and industry, regional government and civil society joined in this group discussion on the role of different societal actors in building sustainable and responsible R&I ecosystems. 

In order to get the best of the virtual setup, participants were broken up into different groups to discuss the actions that their particular set can take to contribute to an RRI ecosystem. They also put together some suggestions on how to ensure that the RRI dimensions are integrated into grounded actions.

The workshop was a great opportunity to for all of us to exchange knowledge and share our experience. The different groups came up with some very useful proposals which will enable SeeRRI to advance to the next stage of the project.

We look forward to taking part in the next workshop.