SoluTions foR mItiGatinG
climate-induced hEalth thReats (TRIGGER)
TRIGGER will deepen current understanding of the linkage between climate, health and ecosystems (exposome framework) and use this knowledge to advance society uptake at personal and policy level. To meet the ambition, TRIGGER will commit an interdisciplinary consortium of 22 partners in 15 countries that will develop an outreaching clinical study composed by a multi-dimensional approach that capitalizes also on existing retrospective studies and will build an international climate service for global health protection, in line with COPERNICUS initiatives.
Funding information
SoluTions foR mItiGatinG climate-induced hEalth thReats (TRIGGER)
Facts in brief

Funding organization

EC / Horizon Europe


September 2022 – February 2027

Funding amount

9.996.777  €


Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (UNIBO)
Wedo’s role in trigger

Support to co-creation and participatory action emerging from CHC-Labs.

Leaders of the Communication, dissemination, and outreach work package (WP9)
Cooperation with the CHC-Labs, the exploitation & policy recommendation teams, for ensuring the widest impact of the results.
Co-developers of toolkits, educational material, and the serious game.

Dossiers – Campaigns

Media – Audiovisual communication

Web & social media reports

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