• You have a project idea but worry about the proposal preparation
  • You have identified a call but the proposal process is new for you
  • You’d like some critical review of you proposal text
  • You feel overwhelmed by the idea of leading a collaborative project
  • You don’t like the managerial side of things
  • You’d like to make your project a participative one, but you’re not sure how

WeDo managers are here to provide you with lean proposal and project management: efficient, easy and focused on the main challenges complex international projects represent.

Our goal is to contribute to a better society by unfolding successful projects through lean services that promote a joyful, participative, and learning environment. 

We leverage on 12+ years of experience managing complex international research collaborations, with especial focus on European Commission and US-Federal funding programmes

  • Proposal refinement: Critical revision of the proposal text in one or two different time points, including provision of comments in a report and an interview in each time point. A revision by an experienced EC reviewer and the contribution of a designer can be added to the service.
  • Proposal development: Modular, easy-to-use, focused tools and processes addressing the critical aspects needed for a timely, effective and efficient proposal development; always considering the whole project lifecycle.
    Prices for the proposal phase range from 2,200 Euros to 10,000 Euros (excluding taxes and travel costs), according to type of services and modules selected.
  • Project management: meaningful and adjusted support in all non-scientific fronts of the project implementation; considering the project needs, the coordination requirements and the stakeholders’ interests.
    Project implementation prices will be subject to type of participation, project complexity, and effort investment.
  • Providing strategic analysis and thinking for decision-making
  • Defining clear and adapted work processes and KPIs
  • Promoting effective communication and efficient collaboration mechanisms
  • Driving and facilitating stakeholders’ engagement, priming project needs

Plane and simple: you’ll see we are different on…

  • How We Do things: we apply common sense, understanding different institutions have different needs, and using all and only what is needed from our toolkit and experience.
  • How WeDo thinks: we believe in work dynamics that are based on equity, integrity, and responsibility; and are guided by high-quality standards.

For us cooperation is the way forward, difference an innovation driver, and cultural diversity a plus


We have worked with partners from more than 25 countries around the world

We have managed +100 million Euro

We have collaborated with +100 institutions, including academia, public agencies, hospitals, private research foundations, SMEs and private industry

We have provided +250 hours of project management, impact, and audit training

We have contributed to:

bringing new products to market

improving national and international guidelines, regulations and EU reports

strengthening public health surveillance

E/ hola@wedo-projects.com

T/ (+34) 657-039-949