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WeDo is a Barcelona-based company open to the world, with a small, highly-efficient and proactive team. You can find us and our bios in LinkedIn but you can also learn a bit more about us here, and we can meet up to show you more.

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WeDo and UIC start a strategic alliance

Feb 5, 2019 | News

WeDo and UIC start a strategic alliance: WeDo has signed a strategic alliance with the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) for developing and implementing an innovative capacity building programme, adapted to the University real needs and oriented to specific measurable goals.


The programme will have WeDo professionals working hand-in-hand with the UIC management over 2019, for the implementation of actions including training, strategic assessment, roadmap development, and networking actions. The ultimate goal is to prepare the University research and administration teams for their active participation in EU-funded and international programmes, enhancing their involvement in the mid- and long-term, and to strengthen the mechanisms for the transfer of project results to market.