Dealing with #COVID19 travel limitations with creativity. Our Comms Manager @MarioMaganya is contributing online from Barcelona to the workshop taking place in Bodø. #cocreation #design #visuals #illustration

¡Dije que lo haría y aquí está! 🥳

📢 ¿Qué contratos públicos se llevan los candidatos de los partidos políticos? He cruzado las adjudicaciones de 🇵🇱Cantabria con las listas electorales. 😃

🔁 Si te gusta, ¡dale difusión a este hilazo, payo! Han sido muchas horas de curro. 🥳👇

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WeDo is a Barcelona-based company open to the world, with a small, highly-efficient and proactive team. You can find us and our bios in LinkedIn but you can also learn a bit more about us here, and we can meet up to show you more.

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We know you have a great idea that could change things for good.

We want to help you make it into a compelling story worth funding.


So, we tandem with you from the beginning with a realistic, goal-oriented proposal development plan till submission date. And we work together for a successful communication and coordination of the consortium; a positive alignment of writing contributors; and an appealing storytelling, grounded on a solid work plan and associated budget. 


For that we bring in templates, strategic counselling and proposal revision, and writing know-how of specific non-scientific sections. And on top of all that we make the whole proposal look attractive with the insights of our professional designer, so that we retain the reader’s attention from beginning to end.