Dealing with #COVID19 travel limitations with creativity. Our Comms Manager @MarioMaganya is contributing online from Barcelona to the workshop taking place in Bodø. #cocreation #design #visuals #illustration

¡Dije que lo haría y aquí está! 🥳

📢 ¿Qué contratos públicos se llevan los candidatos de los partidos políticos? He cruzado las adjudicaciones de 🇵🇱Cantabria con las listas electorales. 😃

🔁 Si te gusta, ¡dale difusión a este hilazo, payo! Han sido muchas horas de curro. 🥳👇

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WeDo is a Barcelona-based company open to the world, with a small, highly-efficient and proactive team. You can find us and our bios in LinkedIn but you can also learn a bit more about us here, and we can meet up to show you more.

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For an effective communication of your project, that allows you to connect, engage and exchange with all your stakeholders, we bring in our 360º approach. We analyse the environment, stakeholders and project specificities, for the development of an integrated and coordinated set of tools and actions to communicate, gather relevant feedback, and use it to improve the research plan and envisioned outcomes. We adapt to each project stage, measuring success, and ensuring the generation of synergies with other projects and initiatives. All this aligned with and supporting the future exploitation and sustainability of project results.

Here you have a comprehensive example of the communication planning, as well as the tools and actions implemented, in the context of a project.

Just remember, we know each project is different. What we’ll do in your project will be based on its characteristics, needs and goals.