#RRI will be fundamental in achieving the goals set out in the European Green Deal for the European Union (EU) and its citizens. #SeeRRI is supporting the plastic industries in Lower Austria in their quest for a CO2-neutral economy.
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Fighting AMR is a public health priority that requires a collaborative global approach across sectors. @light4lungs is set to develop an alternative to standard treatments.
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Oct 22, 2018 | Projects

Funded by
Title: NVPO-MIO Assessing selected GAIA outcome definitions for potential AEFI in pregnant women and their infants in developed countries.
Total budget/funding: $ 250,000
Duration: 18 months (1 Jul 2017 – 31 Dec 2018)
Size consortium: 6 sites + 2 organisations
Project Coordinator: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (S. Black)
Co-ordinator: Vaccine.Grid Foundation (M. Sturkenboom)
Role of WeDo
Member of the Coordination Team (3)
Support to Project Management, including contractual, administrative and financial aspects.
Project aim: To facilitate the optimal use of GAIA maternal and neonatal outcome definitions to assure the standardization of the evaluation of the safety of vaccines used for maternal immunization and comparability of studies from different populations.