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Oct 8, 2018 | Projects

Funded by

Title: Global Alignment of Immunization safety Assessment in pregnancy (GAIA)
Length: phase II 12 months
Leader: Brighton Collaboration Foundation (BCF)
Number of partners in phase II: 11 organizations
Funded by: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Investment ID: OPP1119788
Total funding: 1 508 478 USD
PHASE II: 499 675 USD
Project Website:

About: To improve clinical outcome data of vaccine safety or effectiveness studies (investments) on immunization in pregnancy with specific focus on LMIC by creating a common understanding of the outcomes monitored, developing a common language for effective scientific communication about outcomes and by improving data comparability between studies to allow for better synthesis and pooling.

WeDo: Member of the Coordination Team (4) Project Management, including contractual, administrative and financial aspects.

Dissemination of information and knowledge to relevant stakeholders, and development of sound sustainability plans.

Contribution to the evaluation and implementation work package