Who is eligible for EU Green Deal funding?
Projects that play an active part in developing clean energy and circular economy industries and in creating high-quality jobs for a competitive European economy
Deadline: 26 January 2021
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How can your region create a participate environment to ensure science education

#RRI #H2020 #EU

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WeDo is a Barcelona-based company open to the world, with a small, highly-efficient and proactive team. You can find us and our bios in LinkedIn but you can also learn a bit more about us here, and we can meet up to show you more.

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WeDo and UIC start a strategic alliance

WeDo and UIC start a strategic alliance

WeDo has signed a strategic alliance with the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) for developing and implementing an innovative capacity building programme, adapted to the University real needs and oriented to specific measurable goals.